Century 1500W TUB 1.5KVA Stabilizer

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  • 1500VA Capacity Stabilizer
  • For TVs, Home Theatre, Fans and small One Horsepower Fridges
  • Output: 230V, 50hz

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Century 1500W TUB Stabilizer will help protect your home and office appliances from irregular voltage that could damage them. It is designed to tackle low voltage, high voltage and power fluctuation. It will give you rest of mind because it will protect all your appliances. It is suitable for various types of appliances ranging from TV, Washing Machines, Refrigerator, Home theater, Fans and more. It is very efficient and it will make your appliances work better. It is important to protect all your appliances with a stabilizer. It will cost you less to protect them with this Century stabilizer than to repair or replace them when they get spoilt.

Century 1500W TUB Stabilizer has an output of 230V, 50Hz that will make your appliances last you well. Every device and appliance has its own voltage requirement; so anything other than the recommended voltage will damage the device and that is why you need this stabilizer. If your appliance is connected to the stabilizer, the voltage from public power will enter into the stabilizer and it will carry out any necessary adjustment that is needed to be made. This delay mechanism of the stabilizer is what gives your appliances the needed protection.


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