Mercury 5000VA Automatic Voltage Regulator AVR, A5000 – 5KVA STABILISER

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  • Power Capacity: 5000VA/3000W
  • Rugged and Reliable Design with Digital Display
  • 1x 10Amp and 1x 16Amp Terminals
  • 6 Steps Transformer Design In Voltage Stabilizing: For extra reliability
  • Wide Input Voltage Range: 130V ~ 280Vac: Ideal for office automation system and home appliances
  • Voltage Protection: High / Low Voltage, High Temperature Protection
  • Soft Start Protection: Safeguards your expensive equipments
  • Compact Design: Sleek and handy
  • Low voltage protection    280Vac
  • Low load protection: yes
  • Low heating protection: yes

25,000.00 20,000.00


Why leave your sensitive home or office appliances to the vagaries of power voltage fluctuations? Would you let unpredictable and erratic voltage changes ruin your important and expensive appliances? What about also getting more availability of those equipment to serve the purpose for which you bought them, which is what you will experience with a rugged voltage stabilizer that ensures that your power supply voltage is moderated within a range that is suitable for the safe operation of your equipment?

Making those wise choices is what you achieve when you decide to deploy the high performance Mercury Automatic Voltage Regulator, AVR, series. And with the robust Mercury 5000VA AVR, A5000D, you get the capacity to support a bunch of appliances, up to 3000W. This 5kva Mercury AVR will take care of most of your basic home or office devices.

The Mercury 5000VA Automatic Voltage Regulator offers wide input voltage range of 130V ~ 280Vac, providing the ideal voltage regulation for office automation systems and home appliances. You get extra reliability from the 6 steps transformer design in voltage stabilization of this Mercury stabilizer


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