Motorola GP344 Portable Motorola walkie-talkie Radio

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  • Signalling – Private Line and 5-tone
  • Channel Scan
  • Xpand Voice Compression
  • Low-Level Expansion
  • Whisper Mode
  • Adjustable Power Levels

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The Motorola GP344 walkie-talkie has 4 watts transmission power – giving the best range available in a UHF walkie-talkie radio, and 16 channels.

It has enough power and range for most events – for a sports stadium, conference centre, and outdoor events, and for use around large office buildings, shopping centres or leisure facilities.

UHF walkie-talkies are generally the best “all round performance”.

They are simple to us – just a rotary on/off/volume control and rotary channel selector.

It has 16 channels, and each channel has a CTCSS code preset to screen out interference from other radio users nearby.

The radio weighs only 258g, and measures 100mm x 60mm x 37mm (body) with a thin flexible rubber antenna measuring 170mm.

It has a long-life 1900mAh Lithium-Poly rechargeable battery pack. Spare battery packs can be hired if requested.

There is a socket to attach earpiece/mics which are also available to hire.

The socket is the Motorola M4 connector.

It is small and smart, yet rugged and reliable and will never let you down even in the harshest of environments. The GP344 is 30% lighter than the comparable GP340 so the public will hardly realise that your team are carrying them.

Weighing 250grams and powered by a slim-line high capacity lion battery, total dimensions 101mm x 55.5mm x 35.5mm.


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