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  • Curved FHD/200Hz
  • Depth (47mm)/SNB (5mm)
  • Micro Dimming Ultimate
  • Auto Depth Enhancer
  • Instant On
  • Quad Core+
  • Multi Link Screen (Dual)
  • 4 HDMI/3 USB
  • Wi-Fi Built In

1,200,000.00 850,000.00


The Curve, designed for immersive viewing
The curved screen gives you another level of immersive realism. Providing you with a panoramic view, it wraps around you and draws you into the picture.The screen is curved at the right angle to provide the optimal viewing distance for your living room. Also, the gently curved screen gives you uniform and balanced viewing from all areas of the screen.

Curved screen elevates the feeling of depth

Experience images more lifelike than ever before. Samsung’s Auto Depth Enhancer makes your Curved Full HD TV give you a greater feeling of depth by applying different levels of contrast enhancement on different areas of the screen, making your entertainment more immersive and enjoyable. You truly have to see it to believe it.

Ultimate optimization for the very best picture quality

Samsung’s latest Micro Dimming Ultimate technology gets the most from your TV and shows your entertainment at its best. The advanced dimming process enhances the contrast as well as the color and detail. you will enjoy viewing enhanced images with deeper black and purer white shades. The sophisticated contrast enhancement gets the most from your TV, giving you more vivid and dramatic images and letting you enjoy all your entertainment at its best. It pushes your TV to the limit to deliver the ultimate in picture enhancement and optimization.

Advanced Clear Motion Rate reduces motion blur

Samsung uses an advanced Clear Motion Rate (CMR) technology that delivers fast moving scenes in clarity. with a higher CMR, you will get clearer viewing and less motion blur. You will enjoy action films, sports and other entertainment at their very best. This technology is possible due to an enhanced panel refresh rate, image processor speed and backlight technology. That means viewing that’s clearly better.

Smart Evolution

Smart Evolution provides the future of your TV. When you install Samsung’s Evolution Kit, TV software and Smart TV features like redesigned Smart Hub and improved Smart Interaction will be upgraded without having to buy a new TV. You will never get behind with Smart Evolution. Simply plug an Evolution Kit into a slot on the back of the TV.

* Evolution Kit sold separately and it will enhance your smart features to the levels of the corresponding year of launch of your Evolution Kit, and will continue to partially upgrade the software of your TV. * Evolution Kit may not support certain apps and functions previously installed or available on your TV, including camera and other features.

Instant On for faster startup

Dive into your entertainment quicker than ever. With Samsung UHD TV Instant On, your Samsung Smart TV boots up in less than 2 seconds. That’s much faster than the 2013 Samsung Smart TV, so you can spend less time waiting and more time viewing than ever before. Think about it: all those saved seconds add up. You no longer have to waste time while your TV turns on.


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